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Position Department Education Number Release time
Overseas sales Sales departments Bachelor degree or above 3-5 2020-04-09

Job responsibilities:
1.  Business development: based on the company's advantages in freight rates and various resources, actively and effectively communicate with overseas agents and domestic customers, according to the company's market strategy, to achieve the established business objectives;
2. Customer service: according to the requirements of overseas agents and customers, coordinate and organize the work of relevant departments such as booking space, operation, documents, finance, etc., ensure the service quality of each link, meet the needs of agents and customers, and properly handle all kinds of complaints and Suggestions;
3. System entry: timely and accurately input all kinds of data as required, timely update, submit and analyze all kinds of business statements and related data on time;
4. Business cooperation: assist other relevant departments to communicate with overseas agents, and ensure that other business departments can make full use of overseas agent network and resources to develop related businesses;
5. Business development: maintain good communication with guests, timely grasp various logistics needs of guests, and provide potential business for the department and related business departments.

Job requirements:
1. More than 2 years experience in this industry, including more than 1 year experience in designated cargo operation, familiar with designated cargo operation mode, strong resistance to pressure
2. CET 4 or above, able to use English as the working language, good at listening, speaking, reading and writing.
3. Cheerful, willing to communicate, willing to study hard, with certain sales experience and strong enterprising spirit.
4. Familiar with the marketing and promotion of facebook, twitter, youtube and other mainstream social networking sites to increase the number of fans
5.  Deal with relevant sales reports and data analysis
Accept resume email: [email protected]

Overseas operation Operation department Bachelor degree or above 3-5 2020-04-09

Overseas operation responsibilities:
1. Website construction, including website design, website production, website operation, including picture design, text writing, article editing, etc
2. Google natural ranking optimization, multiple sites multiple keywords Google and bing and yahoo and other search engine home page position,
3. SEM Google paid promotion analysis and placement, price control, risk control, key words control, audience control, etc., to obtain the most relevant customer consultation.
4. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the company's overseas social media, such as facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, etc., and improving the brand awareness and brand image of the official social media accounts through effective operation methods.
5. Participated in the monthly media communication planning, including but not limited to: planning the communication Angle, writing English copy, delineating the release media, etc.
6. Update and manage the content of the company's official website.
7. Network-wide monitoring and reporting of major crisis events.
8. After-sales support for overseas business.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in English, journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing or related.
2. Proficient in written English and translation, fluent in oral expression.
3. Proficient in using office software.
4. Good at cross-cultural communication and cross-departmental communication.
5. Excellent English copywriting skills.
6. Foreign trade English website promotion experience is preferred, search engine Google. Bing. Yandex, social media fb.
7. Senior overseas business and related overseas operations are preferred.
Accept resume email: [email protected]

Forwarding sales Sales departments College degree or above 3-5 2020-04-09

1. Professional position, regularly complete quantified work requirements under the leadership and supervision of the superior, and can independently handle and solve the tasks in charge, identify with the freight forwarding industry, and aspire to be engaged in the logistics freight forwarding industry for a long time.
2. Responsible for developing the company's Marine/air/railway/heavy cargo/bulk cargo/ro-ro cargo business;
3. Assist the superior to manage and coordinate the market, track and monitor the implementation of various marketing plans;
4. Assisted in market research activities for the company's products;
5. Responsible for the regular production and publicity of the company's advertisements;
6. Collected information of the same industry in the market, participated in the planning of the release of the company's products, exhibitions and other activities.
7. Maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers; provide sustainable and optimized logistics solutions according to customer needs

1. College degree or above, major in marketing or management is preferred;
2. Familiar with international logistics forwarding _ industry, sales and management experience is preferred;
3. Active thinking, enterprising spirit and challenging personality;
4. Honest and upright, cheerful and responsible, good at communicating with others;
5. Have certain organization and coordination ability, can bear and break through work pressure, and be a good time manager and self-task driver.

Accept resume email: [email protected]

Marketing specialist position Marketing department College degree or above 3-5 2020-04-09

Marketing specialist position responsibilities
1. Conducted market research, collected and analyzed relevant market trends, and provided a basis for leaders to make decisions;
2. Assisted the leaders in formulating marketing plans and promotion programs;
3. Carry out the implementation according to the designated marketing plan, and be responsible for evaluating the effect of marketing activities;
4. Track and contact customers, record their feedback, and improve the promotion plan according to their comments;
5. Pay attention to and grasp the market dynamics, and pay attention to the activities of competitors;
6. In the activity, pay attention to control the budget, and cooperate with other relevant teams to promote products, promote brands and promote sales;
7. Actively carried out market development activities, and maintained customer relations in related areas;
8. Responsible for the relationship maintenance of relevant media according to the arrangement of leaders;
9. According to market demand and customers' opinions, put forward improvement Suggestions for the company's products, services and promotion.

The ability of a marketing specialist
1. Have relevant marketing knowledge and be familiar with product market dynamics;
2. Strong business development ability and public relations ability;
3. Good communication and coordination skills;
4. Good market planning ability;
5. Have keen market insight and market analysis ability;
6. Good team player.

Qualifications for a marketing specialist
1. College degree or above in marketing;
2. Have relevant marketing knowledge and be familiar with the market dynamics of enterprise products;
At least 3.1 years relevant working experience;
4. Strong business development ability and public relations ability;
5. Have keen market insight and market analysis ability.
Accept resume email: [email protected]

Project manager Marketing department University degree or above 1-2 2020-04-09

Job responsibilities:
1. Understand the market trends, and strive to find the best suppliers and booking channels for the ro-ro ship east of the miscellaneous owners of the best parts;
2. Take the responsibility of improving the market business competitive advantage;Daily bulk cargo and ro-ro shipment, bulk pallets inquiry follow-up.
3. Responsible for expanding and promoting the business related to bulk grocery, major parts and One Belt And One Road engineering logistics, and developing and maintaining the company's bulk grocery service network;
4. Analyzed customer groups and continuously optimized them to reduce operational risks.
5. Pay close attention to market changes, negotiate with customers through appropriate contracts, and obtain maximum benefits for the company;
6. Communicated with customers through telephone and Internet channels, understood customer needs, sought sales opportunities and assisted the supervisor to achieve team goals
7. Sign the charter party and cooperate closely with the operating department of the company to implement the contract;
8. Responsible for cost settlement and collection of voyage;
9. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership according to the requirements of the company.

1. University degree or above, major in freight forwarding, shipping, trade and logistics is preferred;
2. Disband general cargo ship business, be familiar with international engineering project logistics and major parts market, have marketing experience, have business resources is preferred;
3. Familiar with domestic and foreign routes for bulk cargo, able to complete work under pressure, with good team spirit and sense of responsibility;
4. Have certain market analysis ability and judgment ability, and good customer service awareness;
5. Cheerful personality, clear thinking, good presentation skills and strong learning ability;
6. Good English in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Accept resume email: [email protected]

Sales manager Sales departments College degree or above 1-2 2020-04-09

1. Led the sales department to complete the monthly sales target.Supervise and urge the sales staff to work.
2. At least 5 years experience in import or export business of sea transportation with good performance.
3. Familiar with China's import and export markets, keen on business development and international shipping
4. Quick response, strong expression skills, strong development ability and communication skills, affinity;
5. Customer resources and good English are preferred.
6. Have strong enterprise, good development intention for sales work, self-motivation and self-restraint ability, clear thinking, initiative and enthusiasm, good at communicating with people, have a sense of responsibility.
7. Assist the sales director in setting sales targets, sales models, sales strategies, sales budgets and incentive plans

1. College degree or above, major in marketing or related;
2. More than 3 years working experience in sales industry, sales management experience is preferred;
3. Rich customer resources and relationships, excellent performance;
4. Strong market analysis, marketing and promotion skills, good interpersonal communication and coordination skills, and ability to analyze and solve problems;
5.  Have a strong sense of enterprise, with a certain leadership.
Accept resume email: [email protected]